About Us

I lived in Alice Springs in the 60's and for my work I used to visit by road and air every cattle station, mission, mine and settlement between Oodnadatta in SA and Tennant Creek in NT, and out into WA towards Halls Creek and Western Qld. It was a big country then. 4wd vehicles were only just appearing, and we used to use Traegar Transcievers to communicate using telegrams - aren't sat. phones easy now?

This bush travelling taught me the best way to cook, be it at home or in a remote spot in the bush alongside a creek.

I make campfire barbecues as a hobby. They make an ideal gift for camping whether you are travelling or on holiday. I post these items anywhere in Australia and have sent a few overseas. My cookers are very versatile. You can fry or grill your meal, cook with saucepans, camp ovens and frying pans.

The cookers are so light that you can lift them off the fire after cooking and stoke the fire up to keep you warm.

A carry bag is included with each BBQ/Cooker and you receive a FREE camp oven lid lifter and firehook with every Maxi &  barbecue purchased.

I make different cookers (or BBQ's). Click on the 'Shop' at the top of this page to view them.

Firstly - The Maxi, as the name suggests is the largest and the top of the range for this style of cooking. Using a Maxi, I have fed 20 people using 2 BBQ plates and a camp oven to keep food warm. I have one set up in my backyard as my main BBQ.

It has 3 cooking heights to place your cooking plates where you want them.

Just to make things even better, I have introduced my swing away plate warmer for the Maxi. You will now be able to ensure that you have warm plates at any time without losing valuable cooking space. A plate up to 270mm diameter will fit on the plate warmer frame.

I also make an economical Low Cost Bush BBQ with folding legs that you can Fry & Grill your meal quickly.

I make them all from Australian Steel - I even make my own Grilling & Frying Plates instead of using imported ones like everybody else, and they all have raised edges to stop food from rolling into the fire.

Made in Australia by a Camper for Campers like you - happy cooking to you all.