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I just looked at the photos in your brochure and put the [Maxi] BBQ together in 10 seconds. It is then I realised the simplicity in the design it is so obvious, this will be fantastic when camping. Jerry, WA

I bought it [the Mini BBQ] for my husband... He loves it – he put it up immediately and on Saturday we had a camp fire in our front yard and cooked lunch for the family. It was a huge success and we are tickled pink with it. I expect we will be having front yard fires from here on in so will send you some photos! ...It is a great product, the on-line ordering worked well, and the service was beyond belief! We are very impressed, and will make sure we let others know where we got it. Deb, NSW

We had a lovely time camping for two weeks in July 2010 at Borumba Deer Park near Imbil. We used the mini bbq for all our meals, breakfast, lunch and tea. We cooked damper, cakes, muffins, curries, porridge, kababs, rice, roasted vegetables in alfoil each evening, boiled water for tea and coffee plus washing up water, roast chickens, custards, silver side roast. We could cook the same things we cook at home on the mini bbq. It is so easy to clean, pack up and transport flat in the trailer on even in the boot of the car for day trips. We have done a few day trips and used the mini bbq to cook lunch or even a sunset dinner for up to eight people... we cooked for an average of 4 - 6 people per meal and had a fun time telling all about our new purchase. It really sparked a lot of interest. We even had other campers use our mini bbq when we weren't. They also loved it and wanted to know where to get one from. Rowan and Karen from QLD

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David's Maxi Barbecue
  All I can say is a lot of very jealous campers! David, Sydney

Thanks David, it [Mini BBQ] arrived this morning and I'm very impressed with the quality. You've thought the design through so well. It's amazingly stable for such a lightweight setup. Peter, Brisbane

We have had a great time using the [Mini] BBQ that we ordered - other friends have borrowed the BBQ and just love it. A fellow work colleague used the BBQ for a camping weekend with some of our clients and said it was fabulous! Can you please email me your website again so I can pass it on to him. Victoria

Pete's Folding Bush Barbecue.
We used the BBQ on the weekend. It was fantastic. Peter, Queensland

Grace writes: Hi David, just letting you know the maxi campfire arrived Townsville safely and has made this mother in law a real hit. My son in law had it set up in the lounge when he rang me and he is absolutely in love with it. Thanks so much for your communication but most of all for a marvellous product. Much appreciated, Gracie

Anne from Queensland said - Thanks Dave. Our new BBQ arrived safely. Quality looks very good compare to the Chinese products we have seen. Can't wait to test it out on our holiday next weekend.


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Here are a few shots of your BBQ, we used it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it was fantastic… The BBQ was easy to carry; simple to assemble, solid and most importantly cooked great food, great design, I’m very proud of my purchase. Jean-Marc, Victoria


...your fantastic camper where we cooked bread and a delicious pork leg roast! Your camper is so versatile, we swear by it! Mark, Melbourne

The Mini BBQ worked very well. I cooked a roast and vegies in camp oven suspended on the hook. It fed 8 people on the night and as you can see we cooked sausages and tea at same time. The others are impressed and we are very happy. Ian, NSW

Ian's Mini BBQ
Ian's Mini BBQ
  The BBQ arrived this afternoon. I've set it up on our back decking and the wife is very impressed. Thanks again for a great product and terrific service. Ian of Montrose, VIC

A couple of years ago I purchased the Maxi BBQ from you, and gave it to my brother-in-law as a gift. He absolutely loves it and remarks on the high standard of construction. We look forward to having our own cooker soon. Karen, SA (on ordering another Maxi BBQ)

I'm pretty excited mate. I've been visiting your website on and off for about four years now (showing others what I wanted to get one day) and finally committed to buying one! All those years looking around the internet, traveling the country, meeting people and seeing their cooking setup, and I still come back to your MAXI. Thanks for making these mate! Elvis, Brisbane

Many thanks for your e-mails, but best of all thank you for making such a wonderful product. We used the BBQ last weekend, what a wonderful bit of kit, the best $150 I've spent in a long time. Easy to use and light weight, your BBQ was so simple yet so effective. We used the cooking hook and the plate simultaneously, what a great cooking concept. Richard, NSW

Andrew's Maxi BBQ
Andrew's Maxi BBQ cooking in the rain
It worked a treat & was fantastic to cook with, lots of fun. Andrew, Queensland

We used your maxi BBQ on a camping trip over Melbourne Cup weekend and found it great and it did everything we wanted. Joanne of Albion, VIC

Everything arrived this week. IT'S AWESOME! Nathan, Sydney

The boys were very impressed with the maxi bbq, we didnt catch any fish but had lots of fun cooking on the bbq, thanks again and i recommend anyone to buy one. Can't wait to get out in the bush and use it again. Scott, Melbourne

...we spent the weekend camping on Moreton Island and the mini BBQ was awesome! We did all our cooking on it and we're really impressed with it! Britt, Queensland

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Jacquies BBQ NSW